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Cleanse Transcend Glow!

Cleanse Transcend Glow!     

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Day 3 of the organic juice detox by Just Organics
My Rheumatologist said I look fantastic. I don't feel as fantastic as I look but I guess bright eyes and skin will do that for you. Definitely doing another one of these in 6 months. Feeling less congested and water retention is virtual gone. No swollen ankles. My hurraches feel too big....so do the converse actually most of my shoes do. Haven't weighed myself as I did not do this detox for weight loss.
Linda Thompson 
I really rate the 3 day detox, none stop juicing and all day for three days, really shows in the end results. It's a few weeks now since I completed the cleanse and I've notice, my eating habits have changed, I am drawn to healthy food. Don't enjoy sweet food as much as before. I feel lighter inside. This is certainly a good MOT to kick start a healthy life style again.

                                                                                                                               Natasha Cope 

I have tried Mr lemon & lime sip the blood cleanser & full green . They all were all as they sounded full of vitality and made you feel rejuvenated. Cannot wait to take the full 3 day as this will aid my weight loss. Here I go will tell you after  Althea smith. 
Althea smith
Charmaine McDowell 5 starThe juices taste fabulous and knowing they are doing your body good is an added bonus. Leanne is a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend Just Organics organic juices.